Call for Position Papers

2010 FSE/SDP Workshop on
the Future of Software Engineering Research

November 7 and 8, 2010

in cooperation with and with support from

Software Design and Productivity Coordinating Group (SDP)
of the U.S. National Coordination Office (NCO)
for Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD)
Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD)
the National Science Foundation (NSF)
National Science Foundation (NSF)

Software defines, drives, and enables innovation in the systems we use in essentially all areas of modern human activity, including science, engineering, business, government, entertainment, education, energy, defense, health and medicine. As reliance on software grows, society makes exponentially greater demands on the diversity and quality of the software being produced. Our ability to meet these growing needs depends on our making significant advances in understanding and solving deep and important open research problems in the science, engineering and design of software. Progress on these fronts, in turn, depends on vital, visionary and effective software engineering research.

Imagining the Future of Software Engineering Research is the theme of this one-time international working conference. Scheduled for the two days just prior to the FSE research conference, this working conference is designed to provide the international research community with a unique and valuable opportunity to envision, discuss, refine, and disseminate consequential new ideas about the future of our field. The working conference will bring together academic and industrial visionaries, researchers, and government research funding agency personnel to discuss and design the future of software engineering research.

The organizers thus invite position papers that present compelling new ideas about the future of software and software-reliant systems, and the research that will be needed to meet future needs. Working conference tracks will be based on accepted position papers. Papers are expected to be creative, thoughtful and thought-provoking works that define novel and compelling perspectives, positions, problem formulations, assumptions and new approaches for our field. The workshop does not seek and will not accept technical research papers. Authors and other participants alike will be asked to give thoughtful consideration to ideas with the potential to significantly improve the software engineering research field.

The workshop will consider papers within this broad scope. Papers should address the workshop theme, Imagining the Future of Software Engineering Research, by presenting visions, perspectives, challenges, opportunities, obstacles, issues, and new formulations on topics such as the following.

Sponsored Participation and Travel Grants

With the generous support of the SDP and NSF, a significant number of FSE/SDP 2010 Workshop Grants will be awarded. Each grant will cover reasonable participant travel and workshop registration costs up to a reasonable maximum threshold. Grantees will include invited speakers, authors of positions papers deemed particularly creative, valid, or potentially influential, and others, to ensure a diversity of perspectives, a rich experience for workshop participants, and the best possible outcome for the software engineering research field.

How to Submit

Please read and follow all of these instructions. Non-conforming submissions will be returned without review.

  1. Position papers must be within the scope defined by this call for papers.
  2. Submissions must not have been previously published or be under consideration for publication in any other conference, journal, book, or workshop.
  3. Authors must comply with ACM policy and procedures with respect to plagiarism:

  4. Positions papers must follow ACM's proceedings format strictly, including font sizes, line spacing, and margins:

  5. Submissions must be in English and are limited to 4 pages, including all text, references, appendices, and figures.
  6. Camera ready copy will utilize the same format and length limits required of submissions and, thus, your submission should reflect the form that you anticipate your camera ready copy will take.
  7. Papers must be submitted electronically through CyberChairPro. The deadline for position paper submission is 14 June 2010.
  8. Members of the FSE organizing committees are invited to submit workshop papers, which will be reviewed as rigorously and as objectively as all other submissions, with conflicts of interest managed appropriately.

Review and Evaluation Criteria

Each submission will be reviewed by at least two members of the Workshop Program Committee. Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of their potential for impact on the future of software research, including originality, critical soundness and presentation quality. The Program Committee as a whole will recommend paper acceptance and rejection decisions to the Workshop Executive Committee, which will make the final decisions on the workshop program.


Upon notification of acceptance, all authors of accepted papers will be asked to complete an ACM Copyright form and will receive further instructions for preparing camera ready versions. At this time, further instructions will be provided in relation to workshop grants. At least one author of each accepted position paper is expected to attend the workshop, and by submitting a position paper, the authors commit to having at least one author attend should the paper be accepted. Accepted papers for which no author commits to attend will be withdrawn from the workshop proceedings. All accepted contributions will be published in the conference proceedings through the ACM Digital Library. A summary of the workshop deliberations and recommendations will be published separately by the SDP as a government report.

Important Dates

Position paper submission 18 June 2010
Author notification 7 August 2010
Camera ready deadline 7 September 2010
Workshop program 7-8 November 2010

Workshop Committee Chair

Kevin Sullivan
University of Virginia